Top 5 Open Source B2B E-commerce Platforms in 2021

If you are looking for open-source platforms to build your e-commerce website, read this blog till the end. We will discuss five of the best platforms here, and you can choose one that best fits your needs. So, let’s get started.


The top spot in the open-source platforms for B2B ecommerce development is taken by Magento 2. It is, without any doubt, the most ecommerce software used worldwide. According to statistics, Magento powers more than 25% of e-stores. Initially, it was launched as Magento 1, which had some severe shortcomings, all of which have been overcome in Magento 2.

An amazing advantage of Magento is that whether you are a small e-commerce vendor with limited products or a large e-commerce platform with thousands of products, Magento will fit your needs. It provides extensive B2B functionality and also has easy backend integration. Further, it is possible to extend its functions through third party software like CRM or ERP.

The customization freedom offered by Magento is a feather in

the cap. Overall, Magento is quick, effective, and cost-effective for businesses of all scales, from small to large.


With more than 580,000 e-commerce users, OpenCart remains a popular e-commerce open-source platform. It is very user-friendly and easy to learn, and even beginners who are not familiar with the platform can grasp its working quickly. It offers more than twenty payment methods and also supports multiple languages and currencies. And what’s more, its user interface is delightful, which is an added bonus!

It has several excellent features like effective stock management and order management support, lots of themes and plugins, efficient SEO optimization for open-source platforms, easy transaction tracking, and simplified subdomain development. It powers more than 1000 websites in the top 1 million domains trusted by Alexa.

Drupal Commerce

It is based on the Drupal content management system and is one of the most robust open-source e-commerce platforms available today. It has several commendable B2B ecommerce supportive features that make it popular on a global scale. It has multilingual development and supports multi currencies.

Integration with third-party services is quick and op

By Haadi

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